Let your computer cutout the parts you've drawn in CAD with these easy to follow plans! Hundreds of copies have been purchased to cut everything from model airplane parts, to toys, to PCB milling. The possibilities are endless!

  • 9" x 24" x 1" cut area from a 15" x 34" footprint!
  • Open ends allow unlimited stock length!
  • Uses Dremel type rotary tool!
  • Vacuum part hold-down!
  • Constructed from birch plywood and easy-to-find materials!
  • Router, mill, drill, and engrave on your desktop!
  • Uses inexpensive stepper motors and controllers!
  • Can be built for less than $550!
Includes detailed CAD drawings, pictures, and schematics!
  1. Detailed construction notes
  2. 14 detailed CAD drawing
  3. 16 colors photographs of the finished build
  4. PCB milling conversion instructions with pictures